J. R. R. Tolkien

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Born on the third of January, eighteen ninety two, in Bloemfontein in South Africa, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was the son of a bank manager from England, an Arthur Reuel Tolkien, and Mabel, his wife. The pair came to South Africa after Arthur received a promotion at his bank and was asked to lead the bank’s Bloemfontein office. Tolkien had a younger brother who was born on the seventeenth of February eighteen ninety four, named Hilary Arthur Reuel.

J. R. R. Tolkien wrote his novel The Hobbit during his time at Pembroke College in Oxford, and also the initial volumes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He switched to Merton College in nineteen forty five, where he held the post of Professor of English Literature and Language until he retired in nineteen fifty nine. He was a colleague and confederate of the author C. S. Lewis, and both were members of the Inklings, an Oxford literary group at the time.

Tolkien finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy in nineteen forty eight, almost an entire decade after he had begun the initial sketches. He passed away some twenty one months thereafter, on the second of September in nineteen seventy three, aged eighty one, and was buried in the same final resting place as his wife.

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